Sissy Training & Sissy Hypno Training in London

The First 2 Blogs I Have Written Are Mainly ‘My Story’ So Far And Before I Conclude That In Another Blog

I’d like, To write a bit about what my goals and fantasies are. 

I have become increasingly submissive in nature over the years and I’d like to explore this much further in the coming months. My ideal living arrangements would be as live in serving sissy to Mistress Nicole. One day I’d like to be able to afford a nice apartment and invite her to live there with no overheads other than to train and mentor me in everything feminine but obviously free to use the place as she sees fit for her own purposes with me in attendance as she requires. 

I see myself needing training in the following areas

Chastity- eventually 24/7 with no release learning to cum only when caged and limp

Anal training – structured training with toys which will help me progress to serving real cocks for

My Mistresses gain. 

Servitude – cooking cleaning and generally assisting my Mistress would be the priority of every day. If Mistress has other clients and need my help as a fluffer or any other role I would be there to serve

Corset training to improve my feminine shape and give me a petite waistline. 

Hypnosis- regular conditioning through sissy hypnosis to help break down any male thoughts or ego beyond return

Humiliation – regular exposure by Mistress in public to shame me and break down my male

Self beyond return

Bondage – periods of humiliation and self reflection if Mistress whisked to practice any ropework .

Deportment-  ongoing lessons to ensure I learn and apply my feminine manners and physical appearance at all times. No male clothing will be permitted at any time. 

Employment – with Mistresses support and encouragement I would seek employment or earnings either through escort or personal services or webcams or possibly even a physical job ( something menial perhaps but presenting as female at all times)  

Diet and excercise – well-being will be important to ensure I stay fit and healthy. 

Eventually with Mistress and Doctor supervision I would be given hormones to begin a transition to a more feminine physical appearance. Final SRS may be at the discretion or decision of Mistress. 

That is a little Insight into what makes me tick and what my goals are. Looking forward to getting started when things are safer and covid is receding. 

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