Sissy Training & Sissy Hypno Training in London

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQ section before asking me lots of questions. If you then need to ask me a question then it is best to send me an email. One or two questions will be okay but a general chit chat will require a £50 consultation fee or just book a session with me and you can ask your question before or after the session.
It is vital that you are able to show you are capable of earning money while in the sissy training house. I have no intention of financially supporting a sissy while living in my house, so you better show that you have a basic idea of money management before you enter the house. Look for information and tips about how to earn money as a sissy. Start saving up and you will soon have the deposit you need. A few tips are below: 1) The best way to get money as a sissy is to learn how to perform on a webcam. 2) You can earn money as a sissy maid 3) Offer massage to people 4) Work harder at your current day job, take on extra hours, and don’t spend it all on partying.
Yes, we can make arrangements for you to have some fun once you arrive. I will show you where to post adverts, and find ways to play with other males.
The Intensive Sissy Training, It the best way to get my full attention and submerge yourself into all things feminine, sexy, and kinky. The day will start with finding you some sexy lingerie, and a cute outfit to wear around the house. You will then practice your housework skills and begin by making breakfast for the both of us. We will discuss what activities we would like to do for the day and then begin by making sure we make you glamorous with make up. Training will be carried out in a cute relaxed way. If we go out to get clothes, eat, or sex toy hunting, then you can choose to wear while in public. Training is endless and wide ranging but here are some examples of what we might pick to do while you are with me. Practising your sissy walk, speaking softly, learning a recipe, buying clothes and makeup, learning to wear clothes, applying makeup, how to sit, how to kneel, how to pose, finding and using sex toys, sissy workout, wiring a journal, confessions, video blogs, giving advice to other sissies, and advertising yourself for work. You have to remember that you are living with a Mistress so always remind yourself who is in control and you’re superior When I am relaxing you will be required to do whatever I ask, however it is often required that you give me a message, dine with me, and work on your sissy skills. You should be quiet and calm when told to be, but also entertaining and fun when instructed to do a personal sissy show.
You will need to pay a non-refundable £50 to reserve your place serving me for the 24/48 hour sissy training in London, or a £100 deposit for other cities. Send an email requesting payment information and the date you would like to serve. Payment will be done by, bank transfer, online payment, Bitcoin, or an Amazon gift card.
What pleases me the most is a sub having me on their mind at all times. They wake up and wonder what they can do to please me today, how can they make my life better, what will make me smile. They do all they can to learn how to make me happy. Sometimes, that will be for you to just sit quietly on the floor while rubbing my feet, other times I will be giving an endless full body massage. I am a vegan so vegan food is going to keep you in my good books. Other times you might just have to go dance for me as entertainment or look for some cool music that I might like. Finding ways for you to make money for me is always a good things. I also love bondage so ropework practice would be considered.
I am flexible on what days are available… Weekends and weekdays are possible.
You will need to bring enough clothes for the duration of your stay. A mix of smart, causal, and kink wear is welcomed. You can bring any of your kink toys that you enjoy playing with. You should bring enough money to cover your own expenses for your stay.
You will be required to cook or buy food for the both of us during your day. $50 will be given towards groceries and it may be topped up if needed. You will be informed that I am vegan and do not allow any meat products in the condo. You are encouraged to also eat vegan but medical and dietary requirements will be considered.
Yes, you will be able to extend your stay if I am not busy and you have sufficient funds to remain serving me. If I grant you time with me, then it will be an extra £499 for each day you stay.

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