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Live in the Sissy House


Read through the stages you need to progress through, have a look at expert advice, and then when you are sure and ready to create the life you have been wanting… apply for your assessment to gain entrance into the sissy training house. You might be moments away from changing your life… why wait another day?

1. Sissy wannabe

1. Find a part-time sissy job.
Save up £2000 while in the sissy job so that you can donate it towards your room deposit.
2.You will get weekly assessments and assignments while you save up.
3. I will speak to you once a week to discuss your progression and make sure you are meeting your goals.
1. Donate £2000 towards your room deposit and make a generous donation to my island fund.
2. You will have your remote sissy assessment within 24 hours, given instructions for preparation, and a move in date for the sissy house.

2. Relocate to the house

1. You will live in the Sissy house . A Master or Mistress will supervise and monitor your behaviour in the house.
2. You will begin your sissy career training. You will need to earn enough to cover your £1000 a week rent and your own self care.
3. A website and a social media page will be created for you. A bodyguard/driver will be at the location whenever you or another sissy is working a risky job.
4. You will now have a weekly one-on-one training session with me.
5. You will also have a weekly session with: a personal fitness trainer, a nutritionist, a beautician, a self-defence trainer, and a photographer. Other possible classes will be pole dancing and yoga
6. You will be required to get a full health check and a consultation with a surgeon.

3. Sissy leader

1. You have now spent months in the house transforming yourself. You have shown good behaviour, are successful in your sissy career, have become a mentor to the other girls in the house, and have made a generous donation to the island fund.
2. You now graduate to Sissy rank bronze. You are now a leader in the house and take on more responsibilities.
3. You will see me twice a week for guidance and consultation.

4. Marriage or BDSM island

You will now be totally hot and desired by so many people. This will be the perfect time for me to introduce you to some of my friends that love/worship/adore sissies. If they like you then we will begin arrangements for you to be married off.
You will graduate to Sissy rank silver, move to my island where you can choose to retire and relax or assist with daily events that are taking place.

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