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How to Dress Well as Sissy

How to dress well as sissy can sometimes be subjective depending on the style of femininity you wish to achieve. Even if a sissy does not have a Mistress it is important that you strive to present as feminine and girly as possible in your overall appearance. When given freedom of choice in how I dress, generally I take the following approach

1. Always start with fully smooth body, if desired a small cute landing strip can be maintained. Otherwise, no hair at all below the eyebrows. This can be achieved through shaving but hair removal creams provide a longer lasting smoothness and better still waxing for those brave enough

2. For underwear I always opt for soft and sensual fabrics such as satin or lace, always matching and I try to enjoy a variety of colours depending on what I am wearing, but I do love black!

3. An important sissy mantra is that ‘legs should always be smooth but never bare’, so hosiery is mandatory. The occasion may determine if it is tights or stockings or if it is sheer, opaque or fishnets. I have to confess I love them all. I do particularly enjoy the sensation and comforting feel of quite sheer (10-15D) tights, often in a barely black shade. A gloss or shine finish to tights is something that brings attention to your legs and every sissy should embrace that.

4. Sissies are permitted to wear trousers at times but only if the style is obviously feminine and they have already been conditioned to accept that dresses or skirts are the preferred and default clothing option. A skirt or dress hem line should always be above the knee. I do tend to dress age appropriate and try to blend in when I in public and opt for styles that are common on the high street. Some sissies have a more noticeable or extrovert style of dressing and that must be something she is comfortable with or that her Mistress wishes for her. My own look is everyday wear that would be acceptable and almost unremarkable in any circumstance but always feminine. A nice floral pattern or polka dot provides a nice girly look or sometimes evening wear could be something sheer or lace

5. A sissy MUST know how to walk elegantly in heels and this takes practice. Heels should always be the default selection for footwear but again it is acceptable to have other options to compliment the right sissy look. e.g. a dainty pair of ballet flats with a feminine bow. I do enjoy wearing heels but my preference is again reasonably conservative. I’m personally not into attracting attention tottering around on stripper heels, but some girls enjoy that and some Mistress’s insist on that look for their sissy

6. Make up is a vital part of a sissy’s life and with practice eventually a sissy should be adept at creating various looks. There is a basic minimum of foundation, blush, mascara eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick that should be worn at all times. The subtlety and shades used can be at your own discretion. One tip I would give is don’t buy cheap make up. You will feel and look better using quality products. Invest in yourself!

7. Accessories – there are various accessories that can help a sissy. I will share my own preferences but this may hold true for others out there.

I like to use breast forms. having the full and natural curves of a woman can add to the overall sissy sensation for me.

I sometimes opt to use hip and butt pads to give me a more feminine shape in that area also.

My own hair is quite short and limited to what styling is achievable so I always like to wear a wig, It matches my natural skin /hair tone and it is not so long that that it in the way or unusual.

A sissy should always be in possession of a suitable cute bag to keep her things in

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How to Dress Well as Sissy

How to dress well as sissy can sometimes be subjective depending on the style of femininity you wish to achieve. Even if a sissy does