Sissy Training & Sissy Hypno Training in London

Hello and welcome back to my story if you have read blog 1. 

After my first encounter kissing a guy while dressed I knew I was hopelessly addicted to this life of being feminine as possible. In my spare time it wasn’t enough to wear panties or a bra or stockings. I had to be fully made up from the skin out as often as possible. I built up a considerable wardrobe over time. Indulging myself with make up , lingerie feminine clothes and shoes with every opportunity. It was always such a thrill buying it in store. 

Around this time I discovered dressing services. I had heard about one in Manchester and I fantasised about being professionally transformed into a female by someone else. Someone actually knowing and understanding my desire to be feminine. I eventually stumbled on one that was more local to me and I plucked up the courage to send an email enquiring about an afternoon experience. I nearly dropped with fright when I got almost an immediate response saying yes no problem, and asking me for some more details about what I’d like to wear sizes etc. A small deposit would confirm the booking. 

I didn’t hesitate. About a week later I drove to the address and sat outside for 5 mins with my heart beating out my cheats. This was the most public thing I’d ever done with my secret. I had even put on some glue on nails for the occasion and it was even thrilling to drive and catch a glimpse every now and then. Eventually I rang the doorbell and a friendly middle aged lady greeted me warmly. We sat and had a cup of tea for 15 mins or so just chatting and eventually she suggested we start getting ready. She helped my pick out some nice underwear and tights and left me to get changed into them. I was given a lovely purple satin gown to wear while I sat on a high stool in front of her make up mirror. I was in heaven

When she was done she helped me into a beautiful sparkly LBD and some heels and a longer wig than I had ever worn before. When I was allowed to look in the mirror. I was astounded. It wasn’t like my attempts to wear make up. I actually looked like a girl and believed I was even quite passable. I spent the afternoon on cloud nine trying on several outfits and getting lots of pictures taken. I still have them to this day. It was a magical experience. I returned 2 more times for dressing experience but I knew I wanted more. I knew I wanted to present myself to the public. Carol ( not real name) suggested that I could book a night out and overnight stay experience. It would involve full makeover and then out to a bar/club then return to hers and stay dressed as long as I wanted into the evening even retire to bed in a nice nightie.   I was so excited to be doing this. It all felt so very natural. The more I immersed my self in this sissy feminine life the more I wanted. I’ll write soon about my first public outing and several more to follow including my first proper encounters with guys. I discovered the website tv chix and this opened up a whole new universe to me.

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