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A Talk With Alyson and Mistress Nicole

Hi my name is Alyson and I’ve been asked my Mistress Nicole to make a blog for this website. I have arranged to visit Mistress to do a week of intensive sissy training but Covid has unfortunately meant we had to press pause on that plan – more on the visit in a later blog. 

About me I’m in my 40s and I have had a predilection for dressing and everything feminine from a very early age. 

Like many others in my peer group I experimented when I was pre teen with my mother’s  underwear and tights. I can still remember the wonderful sensation of experiencing a snuggly fitted bra, and how feminine and lovely it felt to see my legs in sheer tights. It was a passion/ desire that would ever leave me. I’m fact little did I know how much it would grow and shape me into the sissy I am today. 

In my teens and early twenties I had left home and my dressing increased although sometimes intermittent depending on where I was staying. I never had a place of my own at that time and my dressing urges were still my own darkest secret. This was before the time websites like this and social media were widely available. 

Once I did get a place of my own it was a revelation to me. I dressed often and stated exploring with make up and wigs. I didn’t just want to put on some feminine clothes. I wanted to appear fully as female. I was brave enough to go out for some evening walks or in poorer weather so nobody took much notice of me. It was amazing the feeling of terror and excitement in equal measure at possibly passing as a female. 

Nothing was available on line in those days. Some mail order catalogues but mostly I got brave and shopped for clothes or make up in dept stores. Using the cliche excuse of a gift for my girlfriend. I was and still am lucky enough to be smaller than average and quite slim with smaller size feet so getting clothes to fit was never a problem. I wonder if back then any of the sales assistants knew my secret. 

Talking of which I had a few girlfriends on and off and never came out to any of them. I considered myself straight back then and had no initial inclinations otherwise. It was on one occasion when the internet was in its infancy I was on a chat forum ( can’t even remember what it was ) that I got chatting to other TVs and admirers and one guy asked to meet just to say hello. I had drunk quite a bit that evening and agreed. I was dressed and ready to go and within 40 mins I was with a guy in his car dressed as a girl and we went for a drive. We parked up and got talking and he placed his hand on my leg above my knee         

The feeling was life changing  I felt vulnerable. I felt feminine. I felt sexy. We kissed passionately and nothing else that night. But I knew things had changed in me forever. X 

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